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'Ripple Effect' 

Mural on Richmond's historic canal walk under 14th Street Bridge

 I am exploring the nature of the origin point. Each point of origin, or point of impact, expands and echoes across space. I try to imagine how laws of nature might act upon it as it expands, which way gravity might push or pull on its ripples. I also experiment how these expansions will react when they meet each other. Do they collide against each other? Do they intertwine?  In experimenting with these simple fundamentals of interaction, I discover similarities in form and texture with the natural world.  I am finding the forms of cellular organisms, epithelial cells. I am discovering geological topographies. I am unearthing wood grain, and witnessing the flux of water’s surface.  Through continuous expansion of a single point, with consideration of our most basic natural forces, we can discover a rhythm evident in our universe.

I see it also as a beautiful metaphor for our own impact on our community. One person’s actions and words can echo and collide with another person. Words and actions can be distorted as they travel through time and space. The only way to truly find a harmony within this chaos is to reflect upon it, and watch how the ripple effect has shaped our behavior and attitudes towards each other.

In progress image of 'Ripple Effect'


Collaboration with Christopher David White

'Beneath The Surface' | Ceramic, Acrylic | 16.75"w x 11"d x 16.5"h | 2018

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